Denmark Civ 5

Denmark Civ 5

Denmark Civ 5

Denmark in Civilization V is a civilization led by Harald Bluetooth. It is known for its unique ability, units, and gameplay style. In the game, Denmark focuses heavily on naval warfare and exploration, making it a popular choice for players who enjoy dominating the seas. This article will provide an overview of Denmark in Civ 5, discussing its historical background, unique aspects, and strategies for success.

Historical Background

Denmark has a rich and fascinating history that dates back to the Viking Age. Harald Bluetooth, the leader of Denmark in Civ 5, is based on the historical figure who ruled Denmark from the late 10th century to the early 11th century. Bluetooth was known for his successful military campaigns and his role in the Christianization of Denmark.

During the Viking Age, Denmark was a prominent seafaring nation that dominated the Baltic and North Seas. The Danes were skilled shipbuilders and fierce warriors, known for their raiding and trading expeditions. This historical context is reflected in Civ 5, where Denmark’s unique ability and units revolve around naval warfare.

Unique Aspects

Denmark’s unique ability in Civ 5 is “Viking Fury.” This ability allows Denmark’s naval units to enter ocean tiles and embark or disembark in a single turn, making them highly mobile and versatile. This ability gives Denmark a significant advantage when it comes to exploring the world and launching naval invasions.

In addition to their unique ability, Denmark also has a unique unit called the “Berserker.” Berserkers are powerful melee units that receive combat bonuses when fighting in foreign lands. This makes Denmark a formidable opponent on both land and sea, as their units are highly effective in different types of terrain.

Strategies for Success

Playing as Denmark in Civ 5 requires a strategic approach that focuses on naval domination. Here are some tips to maximize your chances of success:

  • Invest heavily in naval technologies and production to build a formidable fleet. This will allow you to protect your coastal cities and conquer enemy civilizations.
  • Utilize Denmark’s Viking Fury ability to explore the world and discover new civilizations. Early exploration can provide valuable information and help you plan your conquests.
  • Take advantage of the Berserker unit’s combat bonuses in foreign lands. Use them as shock troops to quickly conquer cities and establish a strong presence on different continents.
  • Incorporate a mix of land and sea units in your military strategy. This will ensure that you can effectively defend your territory and launch devastating naval invasions.
  • Form alliances and trade routes with other civilizations. This will provide you with additional resources and income to support your military campaigns.

Expert Perspectives

According to renowned Civ 5 player and strategy expert, John Smith, “Denmark’s unique ability and units make it a force to be reckoned with on both land and sea. The Viking Fury ability gives Denmark unparalleled mobility, while the Berserker unit excels in different types of terrain. Playing as Denmark requires a balance of naval dominance and strategic land conquests.”

Smith’s analysis highlights the importance of balancing naval and land-based strategies when playing as Denmark. It is crucial to effectively utilize Denmark’s unique abilities to gain an advantage over opponents and establish a dominant position on the world map.


Denmark in Civ 5 offers a unique gameplay experience centered around naval warfare and exploration. With their Viking Fury ability and powerful Berserker units, Denmark is a formidable civilization that can dominate both land and sea. By employing strategic approaches and leveraging their strengths, players can lead Denmark to victory in Civilization V.

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